List Head-to-Head Episode 14: Asa Vs. Jon!

Jon’s “M1 Abrams Echo” Commander Kenkirk  57 Pts Determination Emperor Palpatine Engine Upgrade Echo 43 Pts Lone Wolf Sensor Jammer Advanced Cloaking Device Recon Specialist Asa’s “Satan’s Older Brothers” Glaive Squadron Pilot x2 – 37 Pts ea. Adaptability Ion Cannon TIE/D Captain Jonus – 26 Pts Adaptability TIE Shuttle Fleet Officer Twin Ion Engines Mk.II Can the[…]

Soontir Fel, the reigning arc-dodging king!

Arc-Dodging 101

By Jon Conley What is Arc-Dodging? Arcdodging is simply the art of not getting shot by dodging arcs (read:  boost and/or barrel roll out).  Expert arcdodgers maintain shots themselves, all while keeping out of other’s arcs! The best arcdodgers in the game at their most basic: Soontir Fel + PTL (the reigning king) Darth Vader[…]