BTD Tournament Recap 2

Tournament Recap Episode 2: Yavin Open with Mishary Al-Faris!

Welcome back… to dials! This time on the Back to Dials Tournament Recap Series, we are joined by Kuwaiti X-Winger and Yavin Open winner Mishary Al-Faris to discuss his stunning first place win in Birmingham, and the Parattani list that is currently dominating high-level play! Do you want to hear from one of the best[…]


The Super Wario Brothers

Listen to the Episode Here The Super Wario Brothers 100/100 Points Scimitar Squadron Pilot 21 Points Plasma Torpedoes Extra Munitions Guidance Chips Gamma Squadron Veteran 25 Points Wingman Proton Torpedoes Guidance Chips Captain Oicunn 54 Points Adaptability General Hux Fanatical Devotion Rebel Captive Engine Upgrade   List Commentary Adam: I ended up only flying the Wario Bros list[…]


Back to Dials S2E02: How to Get Invited to the Cool Kids’ Club with Luke Carrington

Welcome Back! On this episode of the Back to Dials Podcast, Asa and Adam are joined by Luke Carrington to discuss the X-Wing Campaign Against Cancer and how to keep X-Wing fun for everyone while remaining competitive! Tune in, and you will also enjoy:  Asa and Luke have a heated disagreement polite discussion about the Special Forces[…]


Back to Dials Season 2 Episode 1: A New Host

On this episode of the Back to Dials Podcast, join us as we welcome new host Adam Kattnig! And with Rogue One ships in our hands and Regionals in full swing, we talk about the new hotness and anticipate Wave 10!   Timing:  00:00-12:35: Introduction and News 13:00 – 1:05:11: Rogue One Ships Discussion 1:05:11-1:13:08:[…]