Episode 16: Alternate Formats!

Man, sometimes you just gotta take a little break and play some different X-Wing. As fun as 100/6 is, it can burn you out – so sit back and relax as we give you some ideas for super fun ways to pay X-Wing, from tournament-suitable all the way to Beer & Pretzels Pew-Pew! We welcome[…]


Episode 15: FAQing Yuuuuuuge Changes! FAQ 4.4

The Back to Dials Emergency Podcast Coalition Presents: Sunny Bounder Presents: FAQ 4.4 discussion! Samwise Shepic joins us in the studio to go over the brand new X-Wing FAQ and why it is such a meta-altering event. Back to Dials: First in X-Wing news, when we were already planning on recording! FAQ can be found[…]


Episode 14: The Emperor’s Nu Groove

Today, we sat down to record and upon opening our computer, there was a new preview article! So we scrapped the original idea, and today we are going to talk about the Alpha-Class XG-1 Assault Gunboat! On this episode of Back to Dials:  Adam is a dirty chicken boy Asa gets way, way too hyped[…]