59-Point Cross Faction: A Quick and Fun Tournament Format!

The following article was written by Samwise Shepic, who joined us to talk about 59-point Cross Faction in our Alternative Formats episode! 

What is 59-Cross? It’s a short, fast, fun tournament format that facilitates brilliant listbuilding shenanigans while still requiring expert flying, all in a tightly compressed timeframe for ease of running events in a short window. Read on! 

Hello fellow X-Wing players, Jon Conley was the one who had this brilliant idea to create this format. He wanted to run X-Wing tournaments at a game store called Adventurer’s Quarter, which was located in Arvada Colorado. This game store was a two-man operation, before it disappeared, and the owner did not keep the store open past 10. In other words we needed to be discreet and quick about our tournaments. I am sure that the rest of you would agree that a standard 100-point tournament is anything but quick or discreet.

The reasoning behind having 59 points was to keep players from playing a five-ship swarm. If we had made it 60 points, players could run four TIE Fighters and a Z-95, This would have created a dominating swarm Meta for this game type (who knows what it would do currently). Instead, we can only field a maximum of four ships, which is a nice balance. Also, we kept the rounds to a maximum 45 minutes. Currently, I would bump the time up to 50 because there are so many different ships and upgrades that everyone needs to have more time for setup and to observe the opposing squads upgrades. Also, instead of the standard six obstacles, we use twelve, and they can be placed anywhere on the board except range one from players edges and range one of other obstacles. This creates a dense field on the entire board to maneuver your ships through. Playing with this format definitely taught me how to pilot large base ships in tight situations.

The game has changed dramatically since the inception of 59 point cross faction, but this format has withstood the test time. There are tons of interesting combinations that can be explored. Every time a new wave comes out it is interesting to see what new shenanigans can be had. I run this format almost every other month at The Wizard’s Chest and my players enjoy this because it is entirely different and a nice break from the standard format that everyone plays. I would love to see this format become a standard staple throughout the rest of the country.

– Sam Shepic –

59-Point Cross-Faction Rules

Unless otherwise specified, play proceeds as normal under official FFG Standard Play rules. 


Each player brings one list of up to 59 points. All faction restrictions are lifted. A player’s squad must contain at least 2 ships, from 2 different factions.

E.g., a crew or upgrade that specifies “Scum Only” Can be flown on an Imperial ship.


Each player brings Six unique obstacles from any Core Set, the VT-49 Decimator or YT-2400 expansions. It is recommended players mark their own obstacles in a unique way so they can recognize their own equipment.


Starting with the player with initiative, each player takes turns placing one obstacle into the play area. Obstacles cannot be placed within Range 1 of another obstacle, or nearer than Range 1 of either player’s board edge. Obstacles may be placed as near to other board edges as a player wishes as long as that placement satisfies each other restriction.

Starting with the lowest pilot skill ship (Initiative breaks ties) and going in order of increasing pilot skill, each player places their ships inside Range 1 of their board edge.

Yellow: Deployment zones Blue: Valid Obstacle Placement (Example)

Yellow: Deployment zones
Blue: Valid Obstacle Placement (Example)



Gameplay proceeds as normal, just like a standard game of X-Wing Miniatures. The Round Timer is set to 45 Minutes. The winner is the first player to eliminate all of their opponent’s ships, or have the most squad points of ships remaining on the board after the round timer is up. The game adheres to the half-point rule for large base ships. Tournament results can be tracked with any existing tournament software or tracking sheet, however, MoV is calculated from 59 point maximum, instead of 100.


Editor’s Note: This format s incredibly fun – 59 points is not quite broken enough to eliminate balance from odd faction combinations! It is perfect for short events or for side events at larger tournaments – an 8-man Swiss tournament of 59-cross can be quite easily completed in around 2.5 hours or less. It is also a great format for 3-player games! Not too many ships on the board and it still goes quickly enough to have fun. 

If you have any questions, ask them in the comments below! Or send your questions to feedback@backtodials.com, or ask them directly to Sam Shepic on our Facebook Group! 

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