September 14, 2015



59-Point Cross Faction: A Quick and Fun Tournament Format!

The following article was written by Samwise Shepic, who joined us to talk about 59-point Cross Faction in our Alternative Formats episode!  What is 59-Cross? It’s a short, fast, fun ...
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X-Wing FAQ 4.4: A new hope?

When an anonymous person posted a supposed leak of an upcoming FAQ in June, it garnered a lot of attention and made lots of folks antsy for the real thing ...
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BTD-Episode 20

Episode 20: Nand Torfs Interview

After a hiatus, we come Back to Back to Dials with the release of an interview with World Champion Nand Torfs! Stay tuned for more coming up very soon! Timing: ...
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My own Finger Five: Fast, Flexible, Deadly.

A-Wing Ace: “Snap Snacks!” Battle report and list analysis

I’ll do a batrep and then an analysis of the list based on this and several other games played with it, so if you’re more interested in that just skip ...
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Fleur de Lis

A-Wing Ace: The Fleur-de-Lis Opening

The Fleur-de-Lis is simply an extension of the Korriban Cross maneuver for more than two ships. The purpose of opening with this maneuver is to control the board with a fast, ...
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Soontir Fel, the reigning arc-dodging king!

Arc-Dodging 101

By Jon Conley What is Arc-Dodging? Arcdodging is simply the art of not getting shot by dodging arcs (read:  boost and/or barrel roll out).  Expert arcdodgers maintain shots themselves, all ...
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Template Trigonometry: For those who really want to be right!

Template Trigonometry: An Exact Approach

The Following document and email was sent in by listener Matt Michel, and is posted here with his generous permission: “Good X-wing players seem to develop an eye for the ...
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Asa and Lee set up to play the final game!

Opening Moves, Part 2

This Article is written in conjunction with Episode 7 of the Back to Dials Podcast: Asteroid Placement, Deployment, and Opening Moves with Christine Anderson. Our Beginner Strategy series is made ...
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