4 thoughts on “Episode 3: Worlds Prep

    • Tyson will be there, but alas, I will be stuck in class back home 🙁 But eagerly following you and the rest! Tyson will be doing interviews (Like a bunch of people did at Nationals) during the tournament, and I am sure that he’d love to find you and chat, so hit him up if you can!

  • This is the first episode I heard. Love the podcast so far! Looking forward to the next.

    Great Latts Razzi list. Latts is a she by the way. I really recommend watching Clone Wars Season 4 Episode 20 (“Bounty”). It features Latts Razzi and Bossk in the YV-66 together. Good way to get yourself prepped for the game :).

    I flew Latts with two TLT Y wings last week, but the podcast inspired me a bit try it with two “Special K” Black Sun Aces with Glitterstim instead. One thing I have learned is never to use Latts’ ability on herself. She is better off just using the target lock for rerolls 9 times out of ten.

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