Episode 6 : Ghosts of X-Wing

Happy Holidays!

Colorado Store Wars 2015 recap, Ghosts of X-Wing – a meta tale, List head to head


  • 00:00 to 12:06 – Show Opening and Listener Feedback
  • 13:36 to 44:57 – Store Wars 2015 recap
  • 45:40 to 2:21:17 – Ghosts of X-Wing : Meta review
  • 2:21:58 to 2:46:56 – List Head-to-Head!
  • 2:47:36 to 2:52:31 – Show Close and shameless plug

Thanks for listening!

Turkish Wargamers’ Society: https://www.facebook.com/groups/tusotswxw/

Back to Dials YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqXMgklRdhY0vDrpnk-xNVw/videos

Gryphon Games and Comics: http://www.gryphongamesandcomics.com/


One thought on “Episode 6 : Ghosts of X-Wing

  • Really enjoy the show – been listening since the first episode. You can mark Tennessee on your map!

    Hoping to see the video of your Head to Head matches as mentioned. If I am just inept at reading (entirely possible) let me know – but I only see the Store Wars vids on Youtube.

    I have to say I am having a heck of a time trying to beat Wardens with TLT and Tactician with my favored Imperial Aces … just can’t seem to avoid the double stresses while ducking Poe – so I think that “Best of both Worlds” list is pretty mean.

    Again – great work and looking forward to your results from the most recent H2H.

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