September 12, 2015



Episode 13: 2017 Meta Countdown!

We spend some time talking about the top 10 lists of the 2017 Nationals season on this episode of Back to Dials? What will you expect to face? What sort of things can you do to tech or fly against them? All that will be answered!

On this episode of the Back to Dials Podcast: 

  • New… hosts? Maybe?
  • Asa Mustafar’s voice fails him for the last time
  • A Worldwide metagame

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Episode 12: Building a Sustaining X-Wing Community!

X-Wing miniatures gets boring without others to play with… so why not find some? Test your finely honed skills against the best your area has to offer when we welcome Sam Vargas to the show and talk about building a sustaining X-Wing community in your area!

On this episode of Back to Dials: 

  • Asa plays a Pirates game
  • Adam says something about “Collecting”
  • Sam upstages everyone else!

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Episode 11: “Eureka!” How to Practice Smarter X-Wing

The good ol’ BTD Boyos go from off-meta list discussion into talking about moments that clicked, and how you can practice X-Wing in a smarter way to elevate your play!

On this Episode of Back to Dials: 

  • Pivot, pivot, pivot
  • The Men at Work
  • Practice smarter, not harder

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Season 2 Episode 10: The Walker Classic with Jon Conley!

On this episode of the Back to Dials X-Wing Podcast:

  • There is an upset in the order of things
  • Asa is a dirty Liar
  • The Walker Classic comes to Colorado!

What is the Walker Classic? A fun, friendly and well-supported tournament coming to Colorado in November! Hear us talk about what it’s like to organize events, what will be there, and how Asa is now the inferior podcast host!

Find out more about the Walker Classic here:

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Back to Dials Season 2 Episode 9: What is Gud?

On this episode of the Back to Dials Podcast:

  • Asa goes a-ramblin’
  • We don’t say ********** except for maybe once
  • Figuring out what makes a ship goo: How Hard Can It Be?

Join us as we answer a listener’s question: What makes a ship good? Apparently, there are a lot of aspects to that question! A lot to talk about, but as ever, BTD charges right in!

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Back To Dials Season 2 Episode 8: Can You Build It? Yes You Can!

Aimed more at newer players, how do you go about building a list? What makes a good list? What are synergies and how do they make a list jive?


Back To Dials Season 2 Episode 7: Store Yo Fleet!

How do you bring all your X-wing stuff anywhere you go? Should you bring your entire collection? Or just a single list for a tournament? What about large tournaments that require travel by plane?
If you’ve ever asked yourself, “I have all these miniatures, now what?”, this episode is for you!


Back to Dials Season 2 Episode 6: -Tuckin’ Ridiculous!

On this episode of the Back to Dials Podcast:

  • Something Works Well
  • Something Works Too Well
  • Asa Gets A Little Spicy


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Back to Dials Season 2 Episode 5: “Be! Aggressive!”

On this episode of the Back to Dials Podcast:

  • We invent the Dash action
  • Boringness is the Essence of Goodness
  • We say “TLT” too many times



Season 2 Episode 4.5: Best X-wing Moments

You sent them in, we listened to all your stories, and now we have prepared them all for you! Here are all the entries for the Best X-wing Moments competition. Thanks to everyone who submitted a story!

Congrats Achim and Jake for winning best pick and the raffle!