Head to Head Battle 4

Asa's "Snowdrift" vs. Tyson's "Santa's Little Helpers"

  • Snowdrift is it! (82%, 41 Votes)
  • Santa's Little Helpers is definitely the one! (18%, 9 Votes)

Total Voters: 50

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One thought on “Head to Head Battle 4

  • This should be an interesting game. The Rebels have durability and firepower as usual but I do not see them being able to overtake the two Imperial Aces. Omega Leader is not going to care about any of the action shenanigans that Vrill and the T70s are doing, and Vessery can dish out the damage and strip token for attacks from the other Tie’s. The key to the game will be positioning. Can the T70’s outmaeuver the the Ties and can Vrill stay alive. All of the Ties/Defender in this list can get away without stressing themselves so I don’t see Vrill’s ability triggering all that often. So you just have to sway out of arch of his HLC and take the 2 dice turret shots. In the end I think its a uphill battle for the Rebels. Omega Leader is just a monster late game. In fact, I predict Omega Leader vs the two T70’s at the end of the game, and I will put money on Omega Leader.

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