November 14, 2017

Mandalorian Mayhem!

Join other Hutt Backers to bring your champion to victory!

Live from the Walker Classic at 6:30PM November 18th! Browse the bios below and mention your champion in your donation to give that pilot a HUGE advantage! All proceeds from this PAY-TO-WIN game of X-Wing benefit the Children's Miracle Network! For $5, you purchase a 3 points of upgrades (if donated before the game) or a draw from the upgrade card deck (if purchased during the game). Pay your Bounty. BACK YOUR CHAMPION!

Fred Skytalker

Often confused with a Skywalker as a child and then picked on constantly when everyone realized the truth. After years of of abuse he decided to turn to a life of crime. Now the name is fitting as a bounty hunter who talks a lot of trash but is unable to back it up.

He once climbed Mt. Everest, making him Alpha.
Stephen Fett

He's a truly awful bounty hunter who somehow keeps blundering his way into successful bounties despite his immense incompetence. He was born Steven Johnson but changed his last name to "Fett" because he thought people would be more intimidated by him if they thought he was related to Boba Fett. He also changed the "v" to a "ph"

Raised as a mechanic he built his Firespray for one thing - SPEED. Everything else is secondary. Highly custom, unfathomably maneuverable, helmets just get in the way of his perfect vision. He’s in it for the tricky maneuvers. And the credits. Watch your flank, odds are you’ll be taking shots from a lime green ship you never saw coming!
One Pew Man
he is a bounty Hunter for fun. He started by training every day, but has recently become bored with every bounty he's agreed to collect. Nobody seems to know who he is and other bounty hunters keep getting credit for his work. In an attempt to gain some recognition, he recently agreed to this battle royale.
Okhotnik Za-Golovami

Okhotnik Za-Golovami grew up as an orphan on the dark side of Mandalore's moon Concordia. Without House or Clan, Okhotnik was force to fend for himself, and defend himself throughout much of his life. Okhotnik eventually joined a group of smugglers and began to make his mark on the galaxy, deciding that being a bounty hunter paid better. When he is not collecting heads, he enjoys reading Huttese poetry, and very long walks on the beaches of Tatooine...he also has a slight addiction to blue milk and death sticks.

Dawg the Brownie Hunter
Retired from the game now he hunts for the best batch of brownies in the galaxy. Sporting the best platinum blond mullet in the Arturi Cluster!
Trans Am
Trans Am is a disabled Mandalorian war hero that goes off to another planet and lives with the blue cat people. When he is not making out with the native cat girls he is trying to stop Matt the Radar technician from burning down the home tree. In his free time he collects bounties and pokemon cards.
Dearth Vadyr
With a win record that parallels his name, Dearth Vadyr aims to be the very best, like no bounty hunter ever was! Or so they say. No one has ever seen his face behind the black-spraypainted paper bag he wears to keep his identity hidden. Tall, dark, and mysterious he is a real hit with the ladies, and although many are ultimately repulsed by his raspy breathing (Described as "Creepy") more still fall head over twi'lek head tail for his deep and commanding voice. Opposing combatants have been known to occasionally ricochet off asteroids for, like, no reason.

He's 1/2 Mandalorian 1/2 Togruta. Apparently, his dad had a thing for head tails. Go figure! Bucho recently aquired a Firespray. I guess its previous owner accidentally slip and fell on a Vibro Axe, 27 times. Hey, it happens! lol. Finally, I dont know if this is relavant or not, but I think Bucho went to High School with Trans Am's sister. I believe her name was Camaro.

Sygdom Ninjalooter
He once sucked on a jagon and stuck his finger in a thresha on the planet of Joozia.

IG-A8 is a assassin droid who work for big bounties. He stole a firespray from the black sun. Now he works for the hutts in this battle royale.

MANDALORIAN MAYHEM will stream live from the Walker Classic on November 18, 2017 at 6:30 PM Mountain Standard Time. Join in at the Back to Dials Twitch channel and watch during the game to pledge even more bounties and support as the game goes on, to keep your chosen mercenary in the game! All donations from the event benefit the Children's Miracle Network through Extra Life Charities. 

If you back the winning pilot, you will receive exclusive Acrylic Mandalorian tokens, or, if supplies allow, one-of-a-kind Porg cards only made for this event!