Template Trigonometry: An Exact Approach

The Following document and email was sent in by listener Matt Michel, and is posted here with his generous permission:

“Good X-wing players seem to develop an eye for the maneuver templates and know exactly where their ships are going.  Good X-wing players never land on rocks or fly off the board.  However, newer players do this sort of thing a lot.  Since the rules state you can only estimate in your head without touching the board with your fingers, your only real unit of measure is the ship base since there is always one on the board to calibrate your eye to.

I worked out the trigonometry for each of the templates and then presented it solely in terms of base lengths.  The attached document shows the actual templates and the numbers.  It also has a scan of a card I bring with me to the games.  It is the same size as a pilot card and fits in a sleeve.  It has each of the moves listed in terms of base lengths, so you can really study with your eyes where the ship and the rock is and figure out if you are going to hit it or not.

I’ve seen a lot of estimations of where ships end up on the internet and on the FFG forums, but I’ve never seen anyone present the actual factual numbers before.  Frankly, much of what I have found simply is not correct or a fairly rough estimate (including the famous “earning your wings: forum post, which is close but not exact). Editor’s Note: Exact or not, this post was as invaluable to me as Matt’s information was as I learned the game. You can check it out Here.   Maybe this information is out there and everyone uses it already or maybe I am the only one that wants to think about the math or can make any sense out of a number like 0.88 bases.  I do invite you to put ships down at the start and end of each template and then measure between those two ships with blank bases.  You will see that all the numbers work out nicely.”

Template Trigonometry: For those who really want to be right!

Template Trigonometry: For those who really want to be right!

Or, you can download the original PDF here:

Matt Michel’s X-Wing Template Trigonometry

3 thoughts on “Template Trigonometry: An Exact Approach

  • This is a nice guide, but I offer one note of caution.
    With the new tournament rules/FAQs that have been released, this kind of aid isn’t allowed at tournaments during a game.
    Keep up the great work everyone!

    • Using the template trigonometry will help you in knowing where a ship will end up – if you are able to visualize in terms of base lengths (which is a handy “ruler” that is already on the table) then you can more easily dial in maneuvers and feel secure in knowing where your ship will end up.

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