Head to Head Battle 2

One Helluva Drug vs. The DMV. Which will win?

  • "DMV" is the obvious winner! (65%, 17 Votes)
  • "One Helluva Drug" totally gots this! (35%, 9 Votes)

Total Voters: 26

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4 thoughts on “Head to Head Battle 2

    • That’s what I’m banking on! If Tyson’s first engagement doesn’t go super well and he can’t get the alpha strike, then the DMV is much more equipped to play a longer game post-joust.

  • I think the DMV is also better equipped to control the first engagement to prevent that alpha strike that Tyson really wants. As much as I love seeing scum love, I can’t see this going well for the OHD list…

  • I am betting on the spunky underdog Latts Razzi and her Grappling Boa (wookiepedia it 😉 If Tyson can get off the alpha strike from either of his glass cannons and wipe out an imperial ace in the early rounds, Latts will gain an early advantage.

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