September 15, 2017

The Walker Classic

Four FFG Star Wars Games. Two Days in Colorado.

What is the Walker Classic?

Star Wars gaming by Fantasy Flight Games! An entire weekend of 9a -9p Destiny, Armada, Imperial Assault, and X-Wing in beautiful Hoth Colorado! Do you enjoy FFG's lineup of Star Wars games? Then come out to the Walker Classic! Running from November 18-19, 2017, the Walker Classic runs four of the best board games in one of the best locations with some amazing prize support from local talents. Don your helmet and blast that shield generator! 


  • Saturday - Destiny and Armada, Mandalorian Mayhem, side events (9a-9p)
  • Sunday - X-Wing and Imperial Assault, side events, Hunger Games (limited space)(9a-9p)

Main event formats for Imperial Assault, Armada, and Destiny will be standard construction and format (see FFG website for details) X-Wing will be a custom format - Hangar Bay with Distinct rulings, see Facebook group for more details.

Side events will all be 4 player side events. Side event formats will vary from main event formats. Current side event plans include: 

Please join the Facebook group for more information and any questions.

Click Here for tickets! 


Hampton Inn and Suites; 3059 W County Line Road, Littleton, CO 80129

Less than an hour from DIA and 15 minutes from Denver Centennial Airport with Super Shuttle service available. 

Complimentary breakfast! 

Hotel Accomodations: 

To get the special event rate of $89 for a Single King or Double Queen Room or $119 for a King Studio Suite, call 303-794-1800 and ask for the Walker Classic Group. Or, visit the Highlands Ranch Suites website and enter the group code "WCG." Be sure to have hotel reservations by Wednesday, 10/18/2017. 

Using the Distinct Rule to keep things interesting!

For X-Wing: Hangar Bay!

Back to Dials is an X-Wing Podcast, and therefore we are most excited about the X-Wing format for the Walker Classic! At the Walker Classic, the X-Wing main event will be run as a Hangar Bay tournament implementing FFG's Distinct Rule, as well as the stipulation that you must fly each list at least twice!

What is Hangar Bay? 

Hangar Bay is a variant format of X-Wing in which each player brings two lists to the tournament. At the beginning of each match, after observing the options the opposition has, each player decides in secret which list he will be flying, and his opponent does the same. Each list must be different, but they both share the same asteroids and damage deck. This extra layer of strategy and excitement puts the matchups back in the hands of the competitors, allowing for fun, tactically-rich and nail-biting games absolutely fitting of this excellent tournament. 

What is the Distinct Rule? 

The Distinct Rule was introduced by FFG in their 2017 System Open Series: 

"the Distinct Rule states that each of your squads cannot use any of the same ship models, pilot cards, upgrade cards, or unique names as your other squad."

Can you fly two lists of the same faction? Absolutely! But you cannot fly the same pilots, ships, or even upgrades in both of your lists - requiring both to be absolutely unique. 

For both lists to be as good as they can be, will you take "second choices" in upgrade slots to preserve better matches elsewhere? Or will you defer entirely to a "B" list? This is the listbuiulding strategy that takes Hangar Bay to the next level. But remember: Each list must be flown at least twice in the tournament, so the lists must be balanced against an overall battle plan. Your entire X-Wing strategy must be one!